This is a simple maneuver that I often give to my patients to help them with jaw, head, neck and even back pain. This should be done 1 to 2 times per day and no more until painful tender spots are gone. Each session should only last a few minutes. Once gone, then it can be done periodically if tender spots return. This does not replace a medical work-up and assumes that you have consulted with your general physician prior to trying this. This works best in conjunction with the Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) patients receive.

Tip To Help Relieve Jaw, Head, and Neck Pain
Tip To Help Relieve Jaw, Head, and Neck Pain

Step 1: Use the index finger of your right hand. With your mouth closed, place your index finger with your finger pad facing away from your face against your left teeth half way towards the back of your mouth. The back of your index finger should be pressed against your teeth pointing towards the back of your mouth and your cheeks should be pushing against your finger pad.

Step 2: Glide your finger straight up until it fits in the groove underneath your cheek bone.

Step 3: Starting at the front portion of your cheek bone, gently and slowly push the cheek bone away from your face and up slightly looking for any points that are sore or tender. When you find one, put pressure on it for 30-60 seconds. Use “comfortable” pressure meaning that if you were to push with any more pressure, the pain might feel “uncomfortable” or intolerable.

Step 4: Continue to look for sore spots by working your way to the back of your mouth. If you find a sore spot (which most likely you will find many), then repeat Step 3.

Repeat Steps 1-4 on the other side, but instead of using your right index finger, use the left index finger. If you need more, why not consider trying osteopathy?



Tip To Help Relieve Jaw, Neck, And Head Pain
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