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Within about a couple months after the birth of my daughter, I noticed that I woke up one night with the first three fingers of both hands numb. I know this is from the median nerve being compressed, the nerve associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. After moving my hands for a bit the numbness would go away. My arms still felt sore and tight and bending my wrists forward would elicit the numbness.

The next day I forgot about the numbness until I woke up the next night with the same numbness on both hands. I tried working solely on my wrists as best as I could but it did not help. I tried stretching but it did not help much either.

Luckily I found a solution, but it involved more than the wrists. I devised maneuvers based on what I thought could be producing my symptoms from my experience as an osteopathic physician and my knowledge of anatomy.  Many other carpal tunnel treatments fail because they do not address nor do they relieve the structures that we are covering in this self-help course.

A few weeks later, my wife started to complain of the same exact symptoms I had. So I did the same things to her that I had done on myself. After that, her symptoms went away too. The tips I am going to describe will not treat every case of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it is simple to try. If it is effective, it can save one a lot of money and trouble; possibly even surgery.

The maneuvers I devised are missing pieces to natural carpal tunnel syndrome relief. So first, let’s look at what is missing in many carpal tunnel treatments?

What Is Missing With Carpal Tunnel Treatments?

Inflammation And Congestion Must Be Relieved. No not just at the wrist. The body must be able to clear inflammation and congestion in tissues back to the body from the wrist. Any blockage in the arm and upper chest must be removed so the body can properly drain congestion. The carpal tunnel is the most vulnerable space because of its size and limited ability to expand. So that is where the compression would show up.

Why Anti-Inflammatory Medications Are Limited

Anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful. They decrease the inflammatory response. They do not open up blockages either so ultimately they are not a complete solution. Structural compressions and obstructions must be resolved. They can be helpful in addition to mechanically opening channels to optimally drain congestion and get rid of inflammation but are not long term solutions by themselves.

What Surgery Fails To Address


White band is the transverse carpal ligament
White band is the transverse carpal ligament

Surgery attempts to accomplish relief by cutting a band of tissue across the front part of the carpal tunnel called the transverse carpal ligament. This opens the soft tissue portion of the carpal tunnel relieving pressure in the carpal tunnel so the median nerve is not compressed. However, this also does not clear inflammation and congestion in the arm and forearm.

Why A Brace Will Not Cure Carpal Tunnel 

Another conservative approach is wearing a wrist brace but this too is limited. A brace prevents bending the wrist. Bending the wrist can increase the pressure inside the carpal tunnel. Keeping the wrist bent while sleeping can cause numbness by compressing the median nerve from increased pressure in the carpal tunnel. Like the other solutions, the anatomy is not corrected and blockages are not relieved. Keeping structures immobilized also does not increase blood and lymph circulation.

How Are The Tips From This Course Any Different?

The tips in this course not only help by removing blockages that cause drainage and congestion, but they also help create and open the carpal tunnel area itself. The best thing is that one can do this to themselves and only takes a few minutes per day. This does not just have to be for those looking to relieve their symptoms but also helps those looking to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Who Is This For?

This course is for anyone looking to prevent, slow down the progress, or possibly relieve problems associated with carpal tunnel. It is assumed that you have been to your doctor.

What This Course Offers

  • 3 quick unique self-help maneuver videos and written explanations
  • Bonus video on proper stretching to help reduce inflammation in the arm

 This course is FREE – Register Here To View Content


Self-Help Tips For Mild Carpal Tunnel Related Symptoms
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