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Osteopaths – Silent Influencers of the World

From authors to patients to presidents, osteopaths have had a large effect on the world around us since the 1800’s. The osteopathic profession has silently influenced much of the world around us and yet most of the public does not know we exist. Since its origins the osteopathic profession has been faced with a strong […]

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A Case Of Eyes And Posture: Osteopathic Considerations

I was having trouble with a patient’s upper back. I had made good progress with it but there was just one area that would not get better. It affected her posture. Finally one day, I asked if she wore glasses. She said she didn’t but that she had had LASIK many years ago and her […]

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Osteopathy For Lymphedema: A Patient’s Story

“Congratulations! You don’t have breast cancer,” said the surgeon as Monica woke up from her surgery. They had removed all of her breast tissue and all the lymph nodes in her right arm. Five years later when she was sitting in my office, she said, “What they did not tell me was that I was […]

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Osteopathic Medicine: We Feel Your Pain

“My doctors are starting to question my back pain,” said Meghan, “They have run a lot of tests and can’t find any reason for my pain.” Meghan heard about me from another patient and came with a hope that I could help her. “I’m starting to worry that they’re right and there really is nothing […]

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The Musculoskeletal System Never Acts As An Isolated System

I remember hearing a cardiologist once say that the cardiovascular system has nothing to do with the musculoskeletal system. I have also heard as much from other specialties during my medical training. This idea of separating systems has become so ingrained in our mentalities, that patients often ask if their problem is caused by a […]

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The Rule of the Artery: Osteopathic Reflection

The rule of the artery is supreme.” Andrew Taylor Still, D.O.   This quote is often mistaken as being the primary principle that osteopathy is based on. Dr. Still, the founder of osteopathy wrote about the importance of other structures and having the whole body in working order. Having said this, he did understand how […]

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Questions About Health? Start With Nature For The Answer

These days there is so much conflicting information about health. There are so many different diets, exercise programs, medications, supplements, and more. It can become overwhelming even if you are an expert on health. Since its beginning, osteopathy has looked for answers in nature. In his book Osteopathy: Research and Practice, Andrew Taylor Still wrote, […]

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