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Unwinding the Body and Decoding the Messages of Pain
Genres: General Public, Osteopathy
Tags: Osteopathy, Recommended Books
Length: 70
ASIN: 1497592704
ISBN: 006
An In-Depth Look into the World of Osteopathic Physicians and How They "Magically" Use Their Hands For Healing
About the Book

What is osteopathic medicine and how can it help you? Since starting osteopathic medical school, Dr. Lopez felt if he could not help himself when it came to health, why should he expect to help others? Take a journey with Dr. Lopez into the world of osteopathic medicine. Learn how he got out of a lifetime of pain without pills. You will learn the principles he learned along the way that guide a treatment. Read stories of patients who have been successfully helped when nothing else worked. Learn what sets osteopathic medicine apart from other body work and why the results can seem “magical.” Along the way you will discover a different way of perceiving the body and have a deeper insight into health and wellness. In this short book you will learn:

-That we have been looking at the body wrong
-Why we get knots in our muscles
-Why ibuprofen is limited
-Why pain is not caused by muscle imbalances
-Why do some children only get ear infections in one ear
-A different view on posture
-How the foods you eat can cause back pain
-Why a more forceful treatment is not more effective
-How to interpret the messages of pain
-What professional athletes and those who depend on their bodies are missing that would give them an edge
-About optimal health and more

This is a short book published for the general public with insights that could even be useful to other osteopaths.

Look Inside
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 Posted on : July 3, 2014


Dr. Daniel Lopez is an out of the box thinking osteopathic physician highly sought after by many people around the world for his ability to help people with his hands. He stands against what he calls ”treament insanity.” That is when people go and get the same exact treatment done over and over expecting a different result. Dr. Lopez practices osteopathic manipulative medicine in New York City. One of his goals is to educate the public and create awareness about osteopathy. Dr. Lopez has published a new book on osteopathy: Unwinding The Body And Decoding The Messages Of Pain: An In-Depth Look into the World of Osteopathic Physicians and How They "Magically" Use Their Hands For Healing

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