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Proven Natural Pain Relief

With various medications available for arthritis, back, and neck relief, it may be difficult to find natural pain relief that lasts. Osteopathy New York, P.C. is committed to providing high-quality natural pain relief and holistic care by incorporating a unique, gentle and nurturing hands-on approach aimed at treating causes, not symptoms. Our goal is to maximize the health of our patients through treatment, prevention and education. We also strive to educate the general public and health professionals about osteopathy through educational materials, seminars and media. Natural back relief, neck relief, and arthritis relief have never been more comfortable than with osteopathic doctor, Daniel Lopez.

About Our Osteopathic Doctor, Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez is an osteopathic doctor with a comprehensive understanding of osteopathic medicine and natural pain relief techniques. Osteopathy New York, P.C. was originally founded by Elizabeth Caron, D.O in 2009 after practicing under her own name for several years. Dr. Lopez joined the practice in October of 2010 and became the new owner January 1st, 2011. Dr. Caron left the practice February 4th, 2011 to pursue new ventures. Dr. Lopez has since then built up Osteopathy New York, P.C. to what it is today, a professional and caring treatment center for natural pain relief.

NY Osteopathy at its Best

Unlike other medical fields that focus on the individual area of pain or discomfort, osteopathy respects the entire body as a functioning unit, applying hands-on care to fix any “kinks” in the machine. Although focusing on an individual area can help reduce soreness and aching joints, it is only a matter of time before this pain creeps back into the neck, hands, or back. Osteopathic manipulative medicine is a detailed approach for the whole body, leaving you with natural pain relief that you can rely on.

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 Posted on : December 13, 2013
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