This is the osteopathic practice of Melissa Ventimiglia, D.O. who specializes in osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) serving the greater New York City area. Dr. Ventimiglia has years of experience and treats everyone from newborns to the elderly.

                     Why Osteopathy

Structure affecting Function.  Anatomy affecting Physiology.  The human body is a complex organism in which everything -bones, muscles, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels, facia and fluid – is all one.
The body grows, it self regulates, it heals.  These very subtle forces and motions are continuous, just as respiration, and are palpable to the Osteopathic medical physician.  If these life processes are impaired by trauma, illness, habit or poor adaptation, physiology thereby function, will not be optimal.  The Osteopathic medical physician can feel these disruptions (somatic dysfunction) and gently with manipulation assist the patient in reorganizing their physiology to promote health.
If you have any questions please call me,  I am always happy to discuss how Osteopathy can apply to your situation.